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*realizes joy division did some real quick fs photoelectron spectroscopy for their dumb album cover*

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reminder that they are up to something

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He thought he was invincible

here’s the link to the article

this stupid fucker almost got some one’s father killed because he was a pathetic loser

amazing have fun in jail you piece of shit

i hope this is true because no amount of tears will make this funny or make me feel sorry for those who think it is.

Hold on - that link goes to, which is a SATIRICAL site.

Oh, and what’s the kid’s supposed name?  Paul Horner?  Funny, that’s the same name of the guy who’s notorious for putting out hoax news articles.

is nobody else bothered by the fact that the SWAT team shot the father? can someone please tell me why someone who would probably be unarmed and not a threat to a fully geared out SWAT member was shot? Some serious police shit going on here too. 

Welp, I tried.


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